Tai Snaith

I remember sitting in the stairwell at Anthony street, waiting.
With my application in my hand I was wondering whether I could really hand it in or not.
I wasn’t sure if I was part of this world or not.
I felt like an outsider.
I felt like a loser.
I felt like a fake.
I kept thinking to myself ‘as if they would ever give me a show.’
Then Mark walked up the stairs and said ‘Hi Tai.’
‘Hi. ’ I said, kind of chuffed he even remembered who I was. I handed him my proposal, and that was that.

I can’t really remember what was said after that, but I do remember feeling like having a show at west space was important. I remember thinking that this place had some kind of critical integrity and energy that I wanted a piece of. I wanted to be part of. A club that I wanted to be invited into.

Years later, I am proud to be casting my eyes over those proposals. I love fighting for the outsiders, batting for the losers, growing the club.