Patrice Sharkey

Lisa Radford, artist, teacher, writer, editor and long-standing member of TCB artinc., recently wrote that we, TCB, ‘don’t always do things right’. She was speaking specifically about charging artists a fee to exhibit in the gallery space, but I think this admission holds true in many other respects: driven by a desire to keep things simple, there is a certain ad-hoc, on-the-run approach that underpins the decision-making and day-to-day running of the gallery.

Having joined the board in the middle of 2011 , I can only speak from a personal point of view about what its like to be involved in TCB in its more recent years. But I like that we don’t always do things right—it’s less about meeting professional benchmarks and more about genuine activity and guileless enthusiasm. A space like TCB offers a structure that will support artists through building communities, alliances and friendships; ‘anything that is more than just a “network” is what the contract with your own generation is about’.

Lisa Radford, ‘Geoff Newton: Fan Tribute History Parallel Bootleg Paintings’, Discipline, no. 3, Winter 2013. TCB artinc. was initiated by Thomas Deverall, Sharon Goodwin and Blair Trethowan in 1998. These original founders ceased running the gallery years ago, however TCB continues to be managed by a revolving committee of local practicing artists. Jan Verwoert, ‘Life Work’, Frieze, issue 121, March 2009.