Kiron Robinson

“So do you like your work?”

What a dumbass, lame, I-really-don’t-know-anything question.

Tony looked at me with a look that that question deserved. Tony is a very intimidating character until you know him—what with all the death and covered faces and burnt candles and the beard—and I did not know him. I looked around the rest of the opening. It was my first since coming onboard the board. There was Tony, looking at me like I had just asked him that question, and Mark looking at me shaking his head because I had just asked Tony that question, and Mark’s girlfriend who went to get a drink, and that was it.

“There are usually more people.”

Mark, I think, actually groaned. He had asked me to come on board. He couldn’t un-ask me. My position was voluntary—you can’t fire a volunteer. Tony kept looking at me.

“Ok, I actually have to leave now. I am going to my mother-in-law’s for dinner. I hope the rest of the opening goes well. I think the work looks good.”

Endnote: Mark Hilton and Tony Garifalakis both seem to like me these days, or are at least very polite when I see them.