Jeremy Bakker

Throwing a bowling ball down and smashing it through floor tiles of the Light Projects space was a cathartic way to end a troubled installation period. The ball was to function as an abrupt puncture, a ‘full-stop’ within a space that was otherwise occupied by light and delicate work. It was long after midnight on the last night of install and all the frustration and anxiety that I had stockpiled over the week was channelled into this aggressive gesture. I had naively thought that if I pushed hard enough for long enough everything would come together perfectly. I thought too that this uncompromising approach to making and exhibiting work was the only way I could make work that I was proud of. Light Projects—that airy space below a psychoanalyst’s office—will always remind me of losing the plot, perhaps one that I needed to lose in order find a healthier and more sustainable way of being an artist.