Ieuan Weinman

Looking for Tissa
Tissa and Mu arguing – Mu pushing Tissa into the pool (?)
the exhibition Curry side of the moon.
Non-appearance in Non aligned
The occurrence of stupas in both Tissa’s and my work

In mid 2005 I get an email message from Mu in Colombo,
‘I was at a party, and Tissa was there and we were in an heated argument, and he fell backwards into the swimming pool and he can’t swim—he’s very angry at me—swinging the umbrella he always carries about accusing me of trying to drown him. I don’t know if he’s going to be in the exhibition.’

Curry side of the Moon was held six months later at Barefoot Gallery, Colombo SL 2005. Thankfully, both artists were involved in the exhibition and got on perfectly well.

Tissa de Alwis, in a 2006 interview, revealed he also had an obsessive interest in the shape of stupas and the re-emergence of the stupa building, its changing role in society and its relation to the social fabric. This snippet from a long interview formed the basis of my exhibition The Third Wave of Stupa Building at West Space in 2009.

In 2011 Tissa was a non appearance in Non-Aligned, Barefoot Gallery, Colombo SL 2011, which was a shame, as his work is an original voice in its form, presentation and dissection of history, religion and politics.

Mu, Christo, Tissa and I at the Blue El till dawn. We are driving home, and Tissa jumps out at the intersection and catches the bus home instead; he’d been quiet for awhile hangin’ at the bar, just observing the pathetic debauched scene of rich posers partying. It was, like, “Fuck you, I’m taking the bus!”