Arlo Mountford

Space to the west.The back room, meeting room, storage room, gallery,bar and occasionally the site of a strange group therapy session i nevercompletely understood, was also the space the bins were kept duringthe early to mid years of West Space’s Anthony Street residence....A Saturday a few months ago i attended an auction for a two bedroom apartment opposite West Space’s newer digs. The auctioneer spruiked the location completely failing to point out the proximity to one of Melbourne’s Greatest Living Treasures.>>>>Auctioneer speak>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>I never visited West Space way out west perhaps i didn’t have the pioneer spirit.|Sometimes we would push these 60 litre bins out to the fire escape in an attempt to avoid their pungent aromaEspecially post-openingOnly to succumb to the gnawing doubt, should there be{}{}}{}{}{}{||||| a fire.... Two large immovable obstacles like smelly alcoholic trolls ()() would block princess public’s escape.^^^^ I never was a fan of the theatre spots and was a firm supporter of the cold daylight fluorescents ==== This was probably my naive post art school/fascist stage.                 .             .                     .Eventually simon and i cut down the fire escape banister and extended a ----platform over the descending stairwell.The bins had a home, our meetings less tense.. . for a while